StoryWood Donates Bass Guitar to Duke Ellington School of the Arts

StoryWood had an amazing experience this week!

A year and a half ago, we came across a small stash of beams that were reclaimed during a massive building renovation of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC. The school was originally one of the DC high schools and opened 120 years ago, and became a performing arts high school over 40 years ago.

When we secured the lumber, we knew that we wanted to give back to the school in the form of an instrument. Music education is very important to us as we both experienced amazing vocal and instrumental programs in our public schools growing up.

We partnered with professional bassist and alum of the school, Ben Williams, to build and donate an instrument made from the very bones of the building back to the school for future generations of students to enjoy. Working with Ben was a wonderful experience, and he had great enthusiasm for this project. The body of the bass was made from reclaimed beams from the Duke Ellington school building, while the neck was made from 100 year-old maple reclaimed from Creighton University’s old gymnasium and water-recovered rock walnut that spent a century under water in Panama.

The bass guitar was presented to the school during their annual Senior Awards ceremony on June 12th, where Ben played the bass for a few songs with a group of Duke Ellington student musicians.

We have enough wood from the school to produce a couple dozen instruments, so contact us soon to reserve yours!

Tyler Townsend