Reclaimed Wood - Preserving History and Bringing the Tone

We started this business with some lofty goals in mind.

We wanted to use only reclaimed or salvaged wood in our instruments. Not just a reclaimed “barnwood” body bolted to a brand new neck, but the entire instrument. This is for a number of reasons.

  • Authenticity - Going beyond the gimmick of relic-ed instruments and “barncasters,” we wanted to produce guitars and basses that were the product of real, vintage and sometimes historic wood coupled with the best modern electronics and hardware available.

  • Preservation - Giving second life to even more old wood and preserving and passing along the stories that come with it is extremely important. “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost.”

  • Tone - We found from the very first guitar we built that using wood this old can bring you the best tonal aspects that a quality specimen of a vintage guitar can bring. This wood has tight growth rings, crystalized resin, and in many cases has been air-dried for a century. Using reclaimed and salvaged old wood across the entire guitar produces a very resonant instrument full of great vintage tone.

With a growing number of our guitars and basses out in the wild, we’re getting the feedback we hoped to get when we started. Brand new instruments with vintage tone and feel.

Tyler Townsend