all the tone

We know tone, and we go to great lengths to create wood/pickup/hardware configurations that work well together and produce outstanding tone and flexibility. We like to utilize alternate wiring configurations that add tonal options that you won't find on the wall at your local big box music store. However, this only works with the right building blocks, and our pickups are typically wound specifically for the guitar they are going to live in. Check back as we add to the video library with different guitars and pickup configurations!

dirty tone - full bridge humbucker 

StoryWood Music model 4R-2, Dirty Tone - Here is our doublecut in hardtail super strat configuration. This guitar is made from 100% reclaimed wood - reclaimed redwood and heart pine from California and reclaimed maple from the Harriet and Henderson cotton/yarn mill in North Carolina. This video is the bridge humbucker full output through a tube screamer clone in to a Carr Sportsman.

clean tone - split humbucker and single coil

StoryWood Music model 4R-2, stratty Clean Tone - Here is our doublecut in hardtail super strat configuration. The HSH pickup configuration and additional wiring options (split humbuckers and push-pull to add neck pickup in any position) offer 11 tone options.  This clip is a split bridge humbucker with middle single coil in 2nd position, through a Janglebox compressor and Line6 Delay in to a Carr Sportsman. 


clean tone - Neck humbucker for jazz

StoryWood Music model 4R-2, Clean Tone - Here is our doublecut in hardtail super strat configuration. Third video showing the versatility of one guitar in the hands of a great player. This time, a warm neck humbucker for jazz playing - The Girl from Ipanema. At StoryWood, while we love old wood with a great story, tone is still top on the list.