I knew I’d be getting a great guitar. I didn’t know I would be getting a piece of art!

I don’t think I have heard a better sounding guitar.
— N. Wells, Nashville, TN Model 4R-3 Offset

Playing all of my basses tonight, and I keep coming back to the StoryWood bass. Sound is completely what I wanted. I will go out and say the sound is just a bit better than my 1964 Custom Shop...
— G. Lock, Charlotte, NC Model 4R-5 J Bass

This guitar gives me a voice on stage that I didn’t have before (acoustic-electric hybrid). I was a bit nervous diving in to a custom guitar, but after talking through things and providing reference points, they nailed it.
It’s bad ass! And you won’t find another like it anywhere.
— B. West, Chapel Hill, NC Model 4R-4 A/E Hybrid