The leap of faith...

It ain’t easy being green.

Or a new brand, for that matter.

StoryWood is at the same place most small businesses find themselves early on - ready for the big show, but still a relative unknown.

3x3 headstock.png

We’ve taken a long time to ramp up our business, making sure that our approach and business model was something that would sustain, and not collapse under its own weight. In this business, many of the smaller brands that we know now started out as a hobby and grew as a result of a great product.

There have also been a long list of brands that couldn’t get past the ramp up stage. The one-man shop, suddenly facing a backlog of orders, wasn’t prepared for that level of success that soon. Demand outgrows the ability to deliver on time, or at all, and things fall apart.

We took a different approach from day 1 with StoryWood. To be successful, we knew that the bottle-neck of a one-man show couldn’t be the basis of how our business would function. We’ve had a dedicated team in place with years and years of experience building high-quality guitars to help bring our stuff to life. On schedule and with extreme quality.

We encourage anyone interested in a very unique instrument to take the leap of faith in choosing StoryWood. We make the process enjoyable for you and for us as well. Helping a player realize the guitar they’ve had in their head for years is a blast, and building it completely with reclaimed and salvaged wood makes it extra special.

Tyler Townsend