StoryWood Effect Pedals

At StoryWood Music, we’ve been building top-notch electric guitars and basses using 100% reclaimed and salvaged wood for a while now. With reclaimed wood, we end up with a fair amount of small cutoffs or pieces that are not usable for guitar bodies for a number of reasons.

While using reclaimed wood already conserves our natural resources, we wanted to take it a step further and reduce waste even further by using the leftovers.

Because we have great ears, we also wanted to branch out with other products in the tonal path.

Introducing StoryWood Music Effects Pedals!


We’re kicking off our effect pedal line with our take on the Fuzz Face – an effect that’s been with us for decades and that has helped shape many of the riffs we all know and love.

With the StoryWood 4R-FF Fuzz, we’ve created a point-to-point, hand-wired fuzz circuit using a germanium transistor. We have two sources for germanium transistors – NOS never-used transistors as well as a handful of units sourced from old transistor radios. Each transistor is tested to insure it is in perfect working condition and up to spec. Potentiometers, jacks, switches and wire are all new parts.

The pedal has two modes - Normal and Bass Cut - providing two very distinct fuzz tones in one box. The modes are footswitchable with a digital momentary switch built in to the front end of the circuit. Stomp to turn the pedal on, then hold the button down briefly and the circuit will flip to the other mode, changing the LED color from green to red and back. With a bass guitar, the two modes are VERY different and both highly usable.

4R-FF Fuzz Prototype

4R-FF Fuzz Prototype


The enclosures are 3.75” wide by 5.5” tall and CNC cut from single solid pieces of reclaimed wood – typically very strong and durable 100-year old (or older) heart pine. The graphics and artwork are designed in-house and laser-engraved to the top of the wood enclosure. The unit is powered by 9-volt battery or DC power. Input and output jacks and power jack are located top-side.


We are taking orders now! Normal retail price is $250 (plus tax if in NC), but these also fall under the Founders Series 10% discount for the first 25 units.

Contact us at or 919-946-4700 to place your order!