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bill west iii

One voice. One guitar. Over 1,500 shows and counting. 9 states. 2 countries. Over 150,000 miles on the road. Thousands of satisfied listeners. Smooth vocals. Lyrics that come from a heart that shares the exact same memories as yours. Melodies that create instant nostalgia.

Bill West takes great pride in the art of song crafting. If you enjoy the sounds of Sting, The Samples, Bruce Hornsby, Seal, Coldplay, Jackson Browne, and U2 – then you will understand and enjoy his latest CD, “Thanks For Listening”. This disc features 12 brilliant songs. Check out “Rearrange Me” and the beautiful “Borrow My Eyes”.

Visit Bill's website to listen to his stuff and to see when he'll be in your area!

Bill plays the custom acoustic/electric variant of our 4R-4 model. It has become a very valuable tool for him - especially in his studio. With a single guitar, he can quickly record new ideas with layers of acoustic and electric along-side his vocal tracks.