We talked about it for a long time. Building something together that blends both of our interests and passions -- music and the environment.

Reclaimed wood guitars? You bet.

A few years of planning, prototyping and building and here we are! But who are we?

Teresa - As a certified environmental planner, I’ve dedicated my career and business life to environmental sustainability and urban planning. The energy of music, culture, art, history and the deep love for the environment has been foundational in our family and the idea of building beautiful, heirloom instruments that carry those core beliefs forward...set the path for Storywood. 

I play a large part in the sourcing process to make sure we find excellent reclaimed and salvaged wood that is as sustainable as possible, and use green finishing products and processes. Even more important, I make sure that we know the source and the story behind the wood we use, and we document and share those stories with our customers.

Tyler - A marketer by day, I’ve been a musician for over 35 years and a guitar player for 30. While my fingers don’t always cooperate at top speed, I’ve never been accused of having bad tone. Chasing down sound and feel has been an ongoing practice that resulted in a library of guitar knowledge - now being applied at StoryWood. I’ve had more than my share of guitars pass through my hands over the years. Some great and some, not so great. As designer, I’ve spec’d our models to provide platforms that create unique gig-worthy instruments I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Our crew has over a decade of full-time luthier experience that shows in the quality of our instruments, and we use only top-shelf electronics and hardware to bring our instruments to life.



We have committed to using 100% reclaimed and salvaged wood in StoryWood guitars - body AND neck. The wood is many decades old in most cases, allowing us to essentially build new-vintage instruments. We feel this is the only way to do it, and the results speak for themselves.

We believe in preservation, conservation and sustainable futures. StoryWood only uses reclaimed wood that has been recovered due to demolition or risk of decay. We do not support the destruction of restorable structures and believe that history and habitat should always first be preserved. We donate a percentage from every sale to organizations such as those below with similar missions:  

·      Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

·      Environmental Defense Fund

·      National Trust for Historic Preservation

·      Sierra Club

·      The Audubon Society

·      The Nature Conservancy

·      The World Wildlife Fund for Nature

·      OneTreePlanted.org

·      Carbonfund.org

We would love the opportunity to build you a very special instrument and we look forward to taking the journey with you.