4R-4  The G-Type

The StoryWood 4R-4 G-Type is the only set-neck model in our lineup, and our Jr-inspired flat-top design includes modern elements in keeping with the needs of modern players. With a very slightly enlarged body, we’ve added an all-access neck joint and finished it off with a 14-degree angled headstock with much straighter string pull over the nut. We currently have a limited stock of reclaimed and very old mahogany taken from the Vaughan Furniture factory in Galax, VA that will work exceptionally well with this design.

The 4R-4 comes standard with a single P-90 in the bridge position, with volume and tone controls and a 3-way switch that adds both straight-to-output jack and cocked-wah tones. We’ve chosen the Resomax Sonic 1 wraparound bridge from Graphtech as standard.

Pictured above is a variant of the 4R-4 with the Graphtech piezo system installed, providing electric and acoustic tones. This guitar has a chambered Duke Ellington School of the Arts reclaimed heart pine body, and a top and neck made from salvaged Port Orford Cedar, chosen to enhance the acoustic nature of this instrument. This specific guitar was built with a focus on the acoustic side, with the neck joining the body in a way that provides a wider strumming and picking area. The neck joins the body closer to the 20th fret on standard models.

4R-4 Standard Specs:

  • Body - Reclaimed mahogany, heart pine or similar singlecut Jr.-style with book-matched figured top and easy-access neck heel

  • Neck - Reclaimed mahogany, maple or Port Orford Cedar with reclaimed tropical wood fingerboard, 22 frets (Jescar), 12" radius, 24.75" scale

  • Bridge - Graphtech Resomax wraparound bridge

  • Pickups - Single P90 bridge pickup

  • Tuning Machines - Hipshot open gear

  • Controls - 3-way toggle to select standard/cocked wah/straight to output, Volume & Tone with electrosocket output jack

Options include:

Figured fingerboard – Options here include a variety of figured dark tropical woods, when available.

Bound fingerboard – Fingerboards can be bound with a choice of traditional binding or contrasting reclaimed wood.

Semi-hollow construction - The 4R-4 can be built with a chambered body for weight reduction.

Graphtech Ghost piezo system – The piezo option is configured with the GraphTech Resomax wraparound bridge with Ghost piezo saddles and the Ghost pre-amp system.

Advanced Wiring Options - Choose from our Treble Cut/Bass Cut circuit, out-of-phase, series-parallel, and more to extend the tonal spectrum of your guitar

Laser engraved artwork

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its all in the details

StoryWood guitars are designed with magnetic control cavity covers, using tiny neodymium magnets, instead of screws. Standard cavity covers match the body wood.

The Easy-Access neck heel is also shown here, allowing greater access to upper frets.



Asymmetric headstock

The 4R-4 headstock shape is slightly asymmetric in design (just for fun) and creates a straighter string path across the nut to the tuning keys. This reduces opportunity for string binding at the nut during bends, which can create tuning problems.


bound fingerboards

For a visual step up, consider a bound fingerboard. This can be done in traditional binding or using contrasting reclaimed wood.

Pictured here, this neck is a mixture of water-recovered Panamanian Rock Walnut for the fingerboard, salvaged Port Orford Cedar for the core neck, and traditional white binding.

In this example, as the customer’s request, dots were eliminated from the face of the neck but dot markers remained on the top edge.