Why "4R" ?

4R is the beginning of all of our model names and represents the 4 aspects (philosophical and operational) of our business:

  • Recycle
  • Reuse
  • Reclaim
  • Recover

Over-harvesting of trees globally has put a strain on natural resources. Wood species that have been commonly used in guitars over the last 100 years are in many cases becoming scarce, and the methods of obtaining them are often detrimental to the location where they are harvested.

We have found that taking a broader look at less commonly used species - that we are able to reclaim from a previous use - and applying them in our guitars as direct replacements for those woods works very well. The very first guitar we built had a resonance that you could feel through your whole body.



4r graphic-small.png

By reclaiming old wood, especially old-growth tropical hardwoods, we reduce the demand for new lumber. The use of reclaimed wood across many industries helps preserve the world's remaining forests and diverts millions of tons of wood from the world’s landfills and burn piles.